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All training is conducted under the direction of FA Futsal Certified and Licenced coaches in a fun and productive environment. Led by AJ, we have since added coaches Thomas, Chris, and Michael to our coaching ranks and Rod as our Competitions Coordinator.

We also collaborate with other clubs, schools and organisations to provide customised training and matches for players in both indoor and outdoor forms of the game.

Please visit our Contact page to express your interest or for further enquiries.

We believe in performing at your best to reach your maximum potential.

That’s why we decided to launch Northern Rockets Futsal Club that caters to athletes of various ages to compete at elite level. Trials are conducted with a selection process to make representative teams to compete in elite competitions.

Please complete NRFC contact page to express your interest or for further enquiries.


What is futsal?

Futsal is Tiki Taka game, Full of fantastic goals, on pitch of 40m x 20m, game of 5 vs 5, teams consist of 14 players with rolling substitutions, 5 referees control the match' Referee 1, Referee 2, 3 Official, Time Keeper and Reserve Referee, Futsal match is 2 x 20 minutes, Time Keeper stops clock when ball is out play and restarts clock when ball is play,Restart of play from side is kick in,  Goal Clearance is via hands, Kick INs, Goal Clearance , Free Kick, Indirect Free Kicks and Corners must be taken with in 4 seconds, Each team has 5 fouls before next foul becomes a 10m pental kick, after red card is shown player must leave pitch and will not take part in match, team will play down a player for 2 minutes or until the opposition scores a goal.

What rules does Future Futsal use for competitions - We follow FIFA LOTG with some club by laws. Teams please read the LOTG for Futsal


What does Future Futsal provide - We provide a training and competitions to players, please note that training is not part of competitions program. IN training session we have 1 hour session to provide skills, teaching of futsal game and match play. In competitions session are Summer (Term 1 & 4) WINTER (Term 2 & 3).


Role of team manager -Team Manager is to provide information towards team, sending out when fixture match is on, organized team kit (colours), team list for competition, fill in team sheet on match day and coordinate payment for team as whole not individual players.


Role of coach - To provide tips for players, to coach the team on certain strategies for match and to see when substitutions should occur during match.


Registering a team - Team registration is when you fill in the form and you must fill in each section with answer and that TBC or TBA will not be accepted as that then we are waiting for these section to be answered.


Team payments - When making payment to club account for competition its one payment per team and that individuate player payments will not be accepted as that its hard to follow up per players as a Team Payment we just speak with Team Manger to follow up.

Training payments - When making payment to club account for training its one payment per child, when placing the reference section please placre Child Name, Surname in CAPITALS please, this make it easy to follow.

Team Kits - Each team playing in our competition must have kit to play in, this make easier for referees to acknowledge teams when playing. The kits must have numbers on back shirt for player identification during the match. Please note that BLACK kits are not allowed as Referees primary colour is BLACK. If you need to get a team kit we can help with providing this service for your team.

Referees - Our referees are from FV Futsal Referees department, they are state level referees, while some are National Level Referees.

Public Holidays - When a Public Holiday falls on Monday please note that competitions will still play on Friday night. Only when Public Holiday falls on Thursday or Friday competition will not be played.

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