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All training is conducted under the direction of FA Futsal Certified and Licenced coaches in a fun and productive environment. Led by AJ, we have since added coaches Dylan, Emile, Bianca, Thomas and Justin to our coaching ranks and Rod as our referee coordinator.

We also collaborate with other clubs, schools and organisations to provide customised training and matches for players in both indoor and outdoor forms of the game.

Please visit our Contact page to express your interest or for further enquiries.

We believe in performing at your best to reach your maximum potential.

That’s why we decided to launch Northern Rockets Futsal Club that caters to athletes of various ages to compete at elite level. Trials are conducted with a selection process to make representative teams to compete in elite competitions.

Please complete NRFC contact page to express your interest or for further enquiries.


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Child Safe Policy

Future Futsal is strongly committed to maintaining sport environments that are safe, supportive and friendly for children. We are committed to working with all involved in sport so that children can enjoy sport and feel safe, valued and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Through our Child Safe Policy, we document our clear commitment to keeping children safe from abuse and neglect. We actively anticipate children’s diverse circumstances and respond effectively to those with additional vulnerabilities. We ensure that all involved with the club understand their role and the behaviour we require in relation to keeping children safe from abuse and neglect through application of our Child Safe Policy. We have appropriate measures in place to minimise the likelihood that we will recruit employees or contractors who are unsuitable to work with children.

We give all children access to information, support and complaints processes. We consider the needs of all children. We have processes for encouraging two-way communication with children and families. We seek their feedback and have a process for responding. We respect diversity and seek to facilitate effective communication and involvement.

Extreme Heat Policy​

1. During the summer months, extreme heat may create an environment that is dangerous to players if modifications to games and guidelines are not followed. This heat policy is available for our members to be aware of the procedure that is used to determine whether play goes ahead or not.


2. During days or weeks where temperatures are expected to be over 32°C, the YMCA will monitor and record court temperature on a regular basis. This information will be freely available. If the court temperature reaches 40°C it is recommended that all sports be cancelled. The following are guidelines for playing in a hot indoor environment:
     a) 30—34 degrees: The heat policy MAY be implemented by the coach/referee supervisor.
     b) 35—39 degrees: The heat policy MUST be implemented by the coach/referee supervisor.
     c) 40 degrees and over: Games MUST be abandoned.
The Heat Policy is as follows:
     a) Halves to be reduced by 2 minutes each with 2 timeouts per team per half
     b) Compulsory Heat Policy timeout at half way point of each half
     c) Clock only stops for compulsory timeout
     d) All other timing rules will apply

3. If game is abandoned before commencement or before half time it is counted as a draw

4. If game is abandoned after half time, the game score stands as a final result.

5. In addition, the club will make reasonable attempts to ensure:
     a) Full knowledge of the availability of first aid equipment and first aid personnel by all persons attending
     b) Coaches/referees are aware of the symptoms of heat stress and are instructed to be on the alert to notice any such symptoms
     c) Coaches/referees are instructed to initiate regular extra time-outs during the game and to shorten the game if necessary
     d) Players are made aware of the need to hydrate regularly before and after the game
     e) Facilities are available for players and other persons to externally cool themselves with water, fans or other facilities i.e. ice packs
     f) Proper advice is available to coaches and players on the effects of heat, symptoms of heat stress, the need for proper hydration and the facilities that are available to prevent or treat heat stress.